Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Final Fantasy Game Collections 2009

My FF Game Collection I collected so far. Never ending.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Three Weeks Holidays...

Jeanine Screening at Sinema
1 Hour Before The Screening

My Group Production Set Design. Hardcore!!!

We all got treat by our PD teacher, Mdm Jennifer
My three weeks hoildays not like holidays. Whole lot of assignments need to be done. Almost everydays need to come do school either do assignments or something else. At least I not facing this alone. I sucks at making small minitures for my productions design set but at least could help doing the small parts. Cheers.

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Finally my long awaited shipment from Japan is here. Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP Limited edition set. Still can't play it now because need to do my assignments first. Sian...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Gun, Rifles, Submachines Gun and what?

Toy gun replicas I have so far.

I have this but mine not yet painted. This picture taken from my friend blog.

Decided to take pictures of my toy gun collection. Not much 1:1 scale gun available here since many of them are not allowed to bring into my country which I shan't elaborate much. Still looking for shotgun and pistol replicas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stuff For Sale - 25 December 2008

Original Adidas Jacket For Sale!
Click To Enlarge Picture!
adiPURE Clima365
Made in Philippines
Size - M
Only 50SGD
wore few times only

Click To Enlarge Picture!
Made In Thailand
Size - L
Only 70SGD
wore once only
All items shown are selling below retail cost price. Actual pictures taken. Interested please contact me by email, Thanks for looking.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Me on RazorTV... OMG!

Click above link! Yeah... can you see me? My friends and I are carefare in this video. Yeah... can see me? Too tired to post anything now. Too many assignments and other stuff to do. Maybe later yeah.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

East Coast Park Class Bbq More Pics~!

Hahaha. People complained that I posted not enough pictures up. So I randomly uploaded some more pictures up. Enjoy~! Anyway today I went to donates some of my toys to Charity. At least I can make some children put a smile on them for Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

East Coast Park Pit C24 Class Bbq~!

10Th December Wednesday, my class and me have BBQ at East Coast Park. It is a lucky day because it didn't rain which mean NO NO for pit. Some of us ride the bicycles available there. I try Kenneth's skateboard is kinda fun but not the falling part. Most of the lecturers came. Managed to finished all the food. Actually I have a lot of pics taken but lazy to post everything up. Overalls it was not bad. Thanks to everybody that involve to make it a special day for everybody. Oh yeah, still got assignments to do in the school. Duh. Happy School Holidays.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Book Of New Hope...

A good friend of mine advised me to read more books to improve my english and creativities. The only so called books I read are comics, graphic novels and computer tutorial books. I not a bookworm to begin with. So I venture to Bugis to find me a book. Initially I supposed to get this book called, "Unidentified" but could not find it. Then saw this book drop in front of me near the cashier of the shop I am in. A bit worn out but it damn affordable. I buy because the cover is kinda nice. The book is about a nerdy guy who save a girl in the train and a bit coward to ask her out for a date. He so desperate that he post help thread online so readers on the net might give advises in helping overcoming his problem. I have not done reading finished. Later I found out that this book have been made into a drama and a movie called,"Densha Otoko". Yes, Train Man. I think I read finish before I venture into the drama version. Good read yeah?

Cheap Toys Again~!

Last Sunday 7 Dec, I gotten me Final Fantasy 12 Weapon Set for 20sgd, Final Fantasy 7 Highwind Minitures for 20sgd and Transformers Animated Swoop for 21.90sgd. The FF stuff I obtain at Chinatown Square Central. Some lelong X'mas sale I assume. The extremely rare Swoop, I got at Juront Point ToyRus and I like to thanks my friend, Zaki for informing this. Sweet~!